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Yes we do. Recently, while working with a customer, we found that the building owner was frustrated. They were trying to find a contractor to fix the ventilation ducts in a ceiling crawlspace. Water had been dripping onto to the drop ceiling during certain times of the year. We found a leaking duct and lack of insulation was causing excessive moisture build up (condensation). Partnering with one of our associates, we were able to fix the issue and restore the damage caused by the faulty duct work. XL Contracting and our employees pride ourselves on figuring out solutions for our customers. As a roofing contractor many customer do not realize our abilities extend well beyond roofing. We are capable of handling a wide array of projects and complex problems for your property. Not all leaks and water drips are from the roof. A well rounded contractor will not only be able to identify your issues quickly, but save you money in the long run.