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Are you considering a new roof, but you are not sure if you need one? Don’t feel bad – you are not alone. Most people don’t know how to inspect their roofs, or what to look for. So… if you think you might need to replace your roof, don’t worry – we are going to help you out and make this easy for you.

Here are 4 warning signs to look for to help determine if you need a new roof.

1) Shingle edges are curled or cupped

Look at all the edges of your shingles. Do they look sturdy and straight, or do they have a slight curl or deformation to them? If they have any shape that seems odd to you, you probably need a new roof.

2) Bald spots where granules are missing

You know how shingles feel rough? That is because of the granules on the shingle. Those are good things. We want granules on the roof. Over time they can wear out. If your shingles appear to have any bald spots, smooth areas, etc… where these granules are missing or rubbing off, you probably need a new roof.

3) Cracked or missing shingles

This one seems obvious, especially if you have a shingle (or multiple shingles) missing. Missing shingles are usually easy to spot, but cracked shingles are a little harder. If you notice that there is a crack or crease in your shingles, you probably need a new roof. If you have shingles missing – you definitely need a new roof.

4) Your roof looks old and worn

Use your best judgement here. If you just feel like the roof looks old and worn out, its OK to want to replace it. Even if the roof is performing OK for now, its better to replace it BEFORE it leaks. Also,
if you just don’t like the way it looks, a new roof is a great way to improve on the overall appearance of your home.